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Snake - FunFlying
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Licence-free flexwing flying on a sub70 nanolight trike

Snake formation flying.

Introducing the Snake Flexwing Nanolight Trike—an innovative aircraft meticulously crafted to leverage the benefits of CAA exemption E5036, facilitating solo flight without the necessity of a formal license. This exceptional aircraft adheres to stringent criteria, weighing below 70kg with full fuel (or 75kg with a parachute), stalling at under 20 knots, and equipped with comprehensive third-party insurance coverage. Furthermore, it offers the flexibility of registration as a microlight, catering to individuals with existing licenses or those seeking access to heavier configurations.

Noteworthy for its historical resilience to depreciation and the convenience of not requiring a trailer or hangarage, the Snake stands as one of the most economically viable pathways into flexwing aviation. Explore the possibilities of unfettered flight with the Snake Flexwing Nanolight Trike—where professionalism meets the boundless skies.

Snake formation: 2x Grif 3DC wings and a Fox13T nanolight wing
Snake formation: 2x Grif 3DC wings and a Fox13T nanolight wing.

The trike

Meet the Snake, reigning as the lightest trike in the UK market. Its remarkable design allows seamless pairing with more powerful engines and efficient double-surface wings—all while maintaining strict adherence to the sub-70 limit. Crafted predominantly from 6082 T6 alloy and featuring robust Ergal 7075 undercarriage legs, the Snake has undergone rigorous load testing, demonstrating resilience by withstanding over 600kg without incurring damage.

Notably, the Snake claims the title of the UK’s highest payload among sub-70 trikes. Elevate your flying experience with the Snake—where cutting-edge engineering meets unparalleled performance.

Snake stowed in a car boot with one rear seat folded.

The Snake isn’t just about the thrill of the skies; it’s about convenience and adaptability. This lightweight marvel folds up in a matter of minutes, effortlessly fitting into the boot of many cars. Say goodbye to the hassle and costs of trailering—simply detach the 10-litre fuel tank and remove five pins to fold the trike, including the undercarriage legs. And here’s the kicker: the trike geometry allows the wing basebar to lay flat on the ground, streamlining the rigging process to a genuine 15-minute affair for both the trike and wing. Check out the video here to witness the simplicity in action; the Snake stands out as one of the most portable flexwing aircraft ever created.

Safety is paramount, and that’s why the Snake comes standard with a nosewheel brake, ensuring crucial safety measures and optimal short-field performance. Solid main undercarriage legs, incredibly robust, not only eliminate the need for draggy bracing wires but also deliver effective suspension on rough ground.

Tailor your Snake to your preference—the standard undercarriage is the lightest and most efficient option, featuring puncture-proof foam-cored tyres on the main wheels. If you’re looking for a more traditional appearance, pneumatic tyres and alloy wheels are available at a slight weight penalty of 2.5kg. And for the adventurers, our Tundra balloon tyre option lets you touch down almost anywhere, offering an exceptionally forgiving ride over even the roughest terrains. The Snake isn’t just an aircraft; it’s a game-changer in flexibility and performance.

Snake with optional tundra tyres and Adventure luggage bag.
Snake with optional tundra tyres and Adventure luggage bag.

Get ready for an adventure on and off the runway with the Snake trike! Designed with ample ground clearance, this feature proves invaluable when taxiing over long grass and opens up possibilities for the Adventure under-slung luggage bag option—perfect for those extended touring escapades.

Not just a performance powerhouse, the Snake is a style statement in the skies. It comes adorned in a quality anodized aluminum finish, with Chromoly steel sections tastefully powder coated in your choice of color. Want to add a touch of flair? Special metal flake powder coats are also available, albeit at an extra cost. Elevate your flying experience with the Snake—where functionality meets personalised style.

Snake trikes in three standard colour options
Snake trikes in three common colour options.

Wing options

Ready to soar with unparalleled versatility! The Snake stands out as a leader in the sub-70 nanolight category in the UK, boasting an extensive flight-testing repertoire with the widest range of wings. What sets it apart? The exceptionally light weight of the trike makes this feat possible. Get ready to experience the skies in a whole new dimension with the Snake—where adaptability meets extraordinary performance..

Take a look at our Wing Options page for more details.


To help simplify the wide range of choices available to you, we’ve built a price calculator to weigh up the various options.

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