Wing options

Wing options for the Snake

Unlock the boundless possibilities with the Snake trike – its astonishingly light weight opens the door to a myriad of wing choices, all comfortably within the SPHG (Self-Propelled Hang Gliders) 70kg weight limit, even with a full fuel load. Dive into a world of superior wings meticulously crafted for nanolight trikes, providing a thrilling flight experience.

For licensed pilots eyeing the Snake as an SSDR microlight, the adventure expands with an extended array of wing options. Reach out to us, and let’s elevate your flying dreams.

Grif Italia

Meet Grif Italia Srl a dynamic family business nestled near Rome, Italy, pioneering from hang-glider production to becoming masters in crafting wings for nanolight trikes. Their wings range from basic trainers to high-performance topless wonders, all renowned for their feather-light handling and ergonomic design, ensuring an easy rig and derig without any fuss.

All Grif nanolight wings boast a double-surface configuration, enclosing cross-tubes within the sail material for enhanced efficiency. This translates to lower power requirements during cruise, coupled with an improved glide ratio – a game-changer in the world of ultralight aviation.

Normally set for a hands-off trim speed around 35mph (ground adjustable to suit your individual preferences), the Grif nanolight wings, part of the nanoflight range, share a common frame, enabling a cost-effective upgrade for future adventures. Weights range from 27-30kg, delivering the ultimate payload capacity with a Maximum Take-Off Weight (tested at +6G) of 190kg for the Snake.

Ease meets innovation with Grif wings offering various ways to reduce packaged length, perfect for storage or airline transport. The quick short-pack feature trims the packed length of the 3DC from 5.32m to 3.57m without needing any tools, ensuring a hassle-free process in mere minutes.

Need to go even shorter? With a simple release of 2 bolts, the length can be reduced to a mere 3.15m making it a dream to transport on even the smallest of cars.

Grif Zip wing in Fluo Yellow/Blue.
Grif Zip wing in Fluo Yellow/Blue.

Step into the world of Grif’s nanolight wings, where simplicity meets affordability.

The Zip, Grif’s most accessible offering, strikes the perfect balance, featuring just enough double-surface to enclose the cross-tubes. Retaining Grif’s hallmark light and responsive handling, the Zip soars with almost as much glide performance as the renowned 3DC.

Discover the joy of delightful handling with the Zip – a wing that epitomises simplicity and quick rigging. Often our top recommendation, the Zip is tailored for pilots who crave maximum fun with minimal hassle. Unleash the thrill of flight with the Zip, where every moment in the sky is a celebration of effortless joy.

Green/Black 3DC wing
3DC in Fluo Green/Black.

A double-surface nanolight wing with a 13.5m² area, the 3DC takes flight with wonderfully light and sporty handling at all speeds.

Ideal for pilots seeking agile handling or the ultimate soaring performance in their sub-70 nanolight, the 3DC holds the World Record for distance flown without engine power alongside the Eurofly Snake.

You can see the record here.

Grif Zoe
Grif Zoe in Blue/Black.

Embark on an exciting ultralight adventure with the Zoe, a dynamic 12m² variant designed to redefine performance in nanolight wings.

As a nimble counterpart to the Zip, the Zoe boasts exceptional handling and swift rigging, ensuring a seamless experience for pilots seeking optimal responsiveness. What sets the Zoe apart is its advanced aerodynamics, engineered to minimise drag at higher speeds—making it the perfect choice for pilots prioritising touring with the motor running.

Elevate your ultralight journey with the Zoe, where precision, speed, and the joy of touring converge for an unparalleled nanolight experience. Explore our Zoe nanolight wing options for an unforgettable flight.

Grif HX11 wing on a Snake
Grif HX11 wing in Fluo Orange.

Discover a new era of touring performance with the HX series, offering 11m² and 12m² versions that redefine the standards for sub-70 wings.

This series is meticulously crafted to elevate the flying experience for seasoned pilots seeking thrilling adventures. With an exceptional level of efficiency and the distinctive light handling that is the signature of Grif wings, the HX series is tailored to cater to the exacting demands of experienced aviators.

Unleash the full potential of your flying escapades with the HX series, where precision, efficiency, and exhilaration converge for an unparalleled sub-70 wing experience in the UK. Explore our range of HX nanolight wings to embark on thrilling and unforgettable aerial journeys.


Delve into a world of possibilities with Grif wings, offering a range of enhancements to tailor your ultralight experience. Now upgraded as standard with the PX20 trilaminate leading edge, a cutting-edge feature that ensures durability and performance.

Immerse yourself in a spectrum of undersurface colour combinations, allowing you to personalise your wing to match your style and preferences. Take customisation to the next level with options for A-frame and kingpost colors, ensuring your wing is as unique as your flying aspirations.

Boost your wing’s performance by incorporating vortex generators—an innovative addition that reduces stall speed without compromising high-speed capabilities.

Vortex generators on a prototype HX11.

Elevate not only your wing’s functionality but also its visibility and aesthetics with the optional LED strobe system seamlessly integrated into streamlined fibreglass wingtip fairings. This enhancement not only improves visibility in low-light conditions but also adds a touch of sophistication to your ultralight aircraft.

Grif wingtip strobes

Seize the skies with Grif wings, where innovation meets exhilaration. Elevate your ultralight experience with the Snake trike paired with a wing meticulously designed to defy limits and cater to the discerning needs of avid aviators.

Explore the extensive range of Grif wing options to personalise your flying experience and soar to new heights with unparalleled style and performance.


Enter the world of Aeros, a Ukrainian powerhouse renowned for crafting a diverse range of hang-glider and trike wings that embody exceptional value and superior sail craftsmanship.

Among their stellar offerings is the Fox13T, a budget-friendly, single-surface wing designed for optimal stability and docile handling, making it an ideal choice for novice pilots.

This wing, weighing in at a modest 25.5kg (with the optional ODL Technora wing fabric), boasts a hands-off cruise speed ranging between 35-40mph, coupled with an extremely gentle mush stall at 21mph.

Perfectly suited for engine-off soaring, the Fox13T shines in short-field operations, accommodating the 33Hp Black Bull engine seamlessly under the 70kg SPHG limit, with a Maximum Take-Off Weight of 180kg. Add the wing-fold kit and rigging times are slashed to under 10 minutes!

A Snake with the Aeros Fox13T wing, Cisco Bull Max engine and Apco Mayday parachute
Fox13T in Fluo Red

Fly & Rio
Avian Rio2 15m2 wing with Eurofly Snake
Rio15 in Hot Red

For hang-glider pilots seeking versatility, Aeros presents the Fly (single-surface) and Rio2 (double-surface) wings, now available with the Snake trike. The Avian Fly and Rio2, available in 15m² and 17m² versions, offer a detachable hang-bracket for swift conversion from trike use to free-flight harness, enhancing the pilot’s freedom.

Experience minimal impact on handling and performance when the trike unit is added, delivering a low sink rate for optimal soaring. The hands-off trim speed is expertly set around 25mph. Aeros takes it a step further with Variable Geometry, now standard on all Fly/Rio wings, allowing in-flight sail tension adjustments. Laminate sailcloth options are available exclusively for the Rio.

The Fly 15 takes the crown as the lightest sub-70 trike wing at a mere 23kg, with a Maximum Take-Off Weight of 143kg. On the flip side, the Rio 17 weighs 30kg, accommodating an MTOW of 170kg, catering to a spectrum of pilot preferences.


Introducing the Puma, a groundbreaking trike version of the advanced intermediate wing from Aeros. Unveiled in 2020, the 13.6m² Puma brings higher glide performance and dynamic handling to the forefront. Weighing approximately 28-29kg (dependent on options) and featuring a maximum take-off weight of 149kg, the Puma promises an elevated flying experience for enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance.

Seize the skies with Aeros, where innovation, performance, and unparalleled value converge to redefine your ultralight adventures. Explore our range of Aeros wings and elevate your flying experience with the Snake trike from Fun Flying.

Fly Free!

Avian Puma in free-flight mode. This takes around 5 minutes (with simple tools) to convert to trike use.

Performance comparison

A polar curve graph for the main wing options available for the Snake. Please note this data is shown for comparative purposes only and is subject to revision.

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