April 2018

Newsletter- April 2018

I have some exciting news for the hang-glider pilots among you! Airplay Aircraft are pleased to announce that the Snake trike is now available with the Avian Fly & Rio wings. The intention is to provide a wing that can be both free-flown and used on the Snake trike without modification.

Avian hang-gliders are designed and manufactured in Britain, and exhibit an excellent attention to detail with quality fittings. Avian also have an enthusiastic following of pilots using their wings in a supine (seated) position, and have created a specific geometry to suit. This setup promises to be a great match for the Snake trike.

The Fly is a single-surface wing which shares the same frame as the Rio, allowing later upgrades to the higher performance double-surfaced wing. Both wings are available in 15m² (suitable for pilots up to 80kg) and 17m² versions (100kg pilot weight). Variable geometry and laminate material options are available. Prices start from £3,675 (inc VAT), which drops the total price of a brand new aircraft below the £9K mark!

The first customer unit has just been completed and we await some good weather for final flight testing. A full report will follow, and the website will be updated with details as soon as possible.

A Pilot Operating Handbook for the Snake/3DC has recently been completed, which can be downloaded from our website.

I would be glad of any feedback or suggestions for improvements you may have. Hopefully it will be of use to pilots of other nanotrikes also.

The Adventure luggage bag option for the Snake is now in production, priced at £252 including VAT. Made of water-resistant fabric (which also neatly doubles up as a front mudguard), the Adventure bag provides cavernous storage space accessible from both sides of the trike via two large zips. Especially when flown with the Grif 3DC wing (which features a huge 190kg MTOW), this will allow serious bivouac-style touring trips and also makes an ideal mounting point for a reserve parachute if required.

Finally, we will be exhibiting both the Snake and Minifox aircraft at the Popham Microlight Rally on the 5th and 6th of May. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Kind Regards,
Dave Broom.–
Phone: +44(0)7773 253454
Web: www.airplayaircraft.co.uk

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