February 2020

Newsletter- February 2020

Engine update

The vast majority of Airplay aircraft have so far been powered by Cisco engines. Unfortunately Francesco has decided to retire from engine manufacturing, and will no longer be producing new engines. This is a great shame as I’ve found the Cisco engines to be superbly reliable, as well as exceptionally smooth due to the counter-balance shafts fitted as standard.

I do have one C-Max E and a number of Bull Max S engines in stock which are available at 2018 prices. Francesco has promised to honour the full warranty on these engines as well as provide on-going support to existing engines in the field. Airplay also hold a stock of most popular spares for the Cisco C-Max and Bull Max engines.

To supplement these discontinued engines, Airplay are proud to announce that we are now dealers for both Corsair and Vittorazi motors. All of these engines are available with wooden or carbon fibre propellers, and recoil and/or electric start.

Corsair are outwardly the most similar to the existing Cisco engines, and offer the Black Devil Pro (25Hp) and Black Bull (33Hp). As they do not use a counter-balance shaft they are slightly lighter than the equivalent Cisco motor, and in most cases are priced more competitively.

Corsair Black Devil Pro.

Vittorazi have a large market share in the paramotor world, and already have a substantial following in the sub-70 category. The most suitable engine for the Snake is the Moster Silent (25Hp). The Moster Plus is also available, but the addition of a clutch generally harms performance on a flexwing trike as well as adding weight and cost, so isn’t normally recommended.

Vittorazi Moster Silent.

Minifox “Evo Speed”

Airplay’s new Minifox demonstrator has been complete and awaiting a test-flight for some time now- I’m just waiting for some decent weather! This aircraft is the first in the UK with the Evo Speed enclosed cabin, which transforms the feel of the machine. Surprisingly roomy inside, the cabin feels a lot more spacious than many two-seat aircraft, and should make winter flying a lot more enjoyable (once the storms die down)! I’ll have a flight test report for you as soon as I can.

The Black Bull is now our recommended engine for the Minifox fixed-wing, although several examples are now flying in Italy using the 36Hp Polini Thor 250 water-cooled engine which may be specified as a special order.

Minifox Evo Speed engine run
The Minifox G-MFUX ready for engine run-in.

Popham show

A date for your diary is the Popham Microlight trade fair on the 2nd/3rd of May, at which Airplay will be exhibiting. I appreciate that the Isle of Skye isn’t exactly local for a lot of people, so Popham represents a great opportunity for a more southerly demonstration and to meet up for a chat.

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