May 2020

Newsletter- May 2020

With the Coronavirus lockdown slowly receding in parts of the country I know many of you are keen to get in the air, or may have already enjoyed a pleasant flight. Although test-flights and final deliveries are currently prohibited in Scotland, I’m hopeful that these regulations will soon be relaxed. Our supply chain and build are unaffected by the lockdown, so lead times for new orders should now be returning to normal. This can be as little as six weeks for a Snake.

Minifox Evo Speed access step

Eurofly have further developed the Evo Speed enclosed cabin to include a simple access step. This makes entry and exit easier, particularly for those with short legs, and is now standard on all Evo Speed orders.

Minifox Evo Speed access step

Avian Puma advanced intermediate wing

Airplay are now offering the Avian Puma dual-purpose wing for use with the Snake trike. Offering higher glide performance and more dynamic handling than either the Fly or Rio wings, the 13.6m² Puma weighs around 28-29kg dependent on options. The maximum take-off weight of 149kg means that the Puma is best suited to lighter pilots.

The Puma can be converted back to free-flight mode (in a supine configuration) in a matter of minutes using only simple tools. The effective Variable Geometry system is now included for free on all Avian wings, including the Fly and Rio.

The Avian Puma in free-flight mode. This takes around 5 minutes (with simple tools) to convert to trike use.

Wyvern concept vehicle

Shown first to the public at last year’s Freedom Rally event, the Wyvern concept vehicle has undergone further development over the winter. Designer Mick Broom has finessed the suspension system and is now looking for interested parties who might be able to offer help or advice on developing a hybrid electric power system for the trike. This is a logical next step toward a fully road-legal version.

For those that don’t know much about the Wyvern, with it’s bold reverse trike (or “tadpole”) layout, you can read a short introduction to the aircraft here or in next month’s Microlight Flying magazine.

Wyvern concept trike
Wyvern concept trike

If you have any experience or knowledge of applicable electric motor or control systems (or for more information on the project) please Contact Us.

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