October 2020

Newsletter- October 2020

New Grif Zoe wing

The Grif Zoe wing
The new Grif Zoe wing.

I’m pleased to announce the introduction of a new wing from Grif Italia Srl- the Zoe. A development from the popular Zip design, the Zoe retains the low number of battens (13 in total) to keep the rigging time to an absolute minimum. However, the total sail area is reduced to 12m², which coincidentally makes the Zoe the lightest wing in the Grif nanolight range.

Grif Zoe wing
Options shown include the BTD dual colour undersurface (Blue & Black), PX leading edge and powder coated aluminium to complete the colour scheme.

The smaller wing area increases the wing loading and reduces overall drag at higher speeds. This makes it a great choice for pilots who prioritise motoring flight or just enjoy the light and responsive handling common in all Grif designs. The stall break is almost as benign as the very docile Zip, with no tendency shown to drop a wing or other unpleasant behaviour. The calibrated stall speed is comfortably within the limit for the UK sub-70 SPHG definition, even without the optional vortex generators.

Polar curve data for the most popular wing options on the Snake. Please note initial results are shown, subject to revision.

All the Grif nanolight wings share the same basic frame (only the sail and outer leading edges are different), and the Zoe features a maximum takeoff weight of 190kg. This also means it can be cost-effective to change/upgrade wing designs in the future, particularly in the case of a sail replacement. The Zoe is competitively priced at £3,950+VAT and shipping. The price list on the website has been updated, along with the Wing Options page.

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